Yemen Emergency Electricity Access Project YEEAP

The development objective of the Emergency Electricity Access Project is to improve access to electricity in rural and peri-urban areas within Yemen. The project aims to do this by restoring electricity supply to critical infrastructure (incl. health facilities and schools) and building a more inclusive and more sustainable solar market in Yemen through targeted interventions to expand access to solar to the poor and vulnerable. The Project has the following components and sub-components:

Component 1: Financing for Off-grid Solar:

  1. Subcomponent 1.1: Providing Basic Electricity Supply to Households
  2. Subcomponent 1.2: Restoring Electricity Supply to Critical Services Facilities

Component 2: Implementation Support and Market Development:

Financed by the World Bank (IDA grant of US 50 million dollars), the project is being carried out by United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) as the implementing agency, with implementation support by the World Bank.

Project ID


Approval Date

April 13, 2018

Closing Date

June 30, 2021

Total Project Cost

US$ 50.00 million